School Year Course:

Piano lessons are all private one-on-one instruction (ges 5-adult). I recommend that you start with a weekly 30 minute lesson, and the fees are $120 per month. Annual registration fee $75. 

Preschool group piano (ages 2 1/2-5) meets once a week and fees are $75 per month. Annual registration fee  $75.

Lessons meet August through May.  Students may also participate in two optional, low-pressure recitals throughout the year. Teaching times for lessons are Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm.  Call 928-785-6996 to register.


June Summer Lessons:

Five 30-minute private lessons once a week in June. Limited space available.  Call 928-785-6996 for available days/times. $155 Ages 5-adult

Five 30-minute group lessons for ages 2 1/2-5 once a week in June.  Limited space available. Call 928-785-6996 for available days/times. $95 ages 2 1/2-5

Does your child love to sing, dance, and create? Books, games, songs & piano improvisation play a major role in each class.  Lesson plans also emphasize the development of values and self worth. The Kiddy Keys curriculum prepares the young child to read and write music in an engaging format,building a solid foundation to enter private music lessons by age 5. This course continues also during the school year August through May.